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Issey Miyake

Spring / Summer 2023

A Form That Breathes

Presented on Friday, September 30 in Paris, the ISSEY MIYAKE SPRING SUMMER 2023 COLLECTION, A Form That Breathes, is built upon an exploration of making sculptures. By experiencing the creative process —the freedom of shaping and forming with one’s own hands— the collection incorporates ideas, elements, and textures inspired by the sculpting process to develop original garment forms. Each piece of clothing created this way is a sculpture made of fabric that seems rigid at first, but turns into a soft, fluid form as soon as it moves, so lively as if it is about to breathe.

Collection design: Satoshi Kondo

Music: Koki Nakano


Casting: Henry Thomas (ARQA)

Hair: Pawel Solis

Makeup: Carole Colombani for SHISEIDO

Production: Back of the House

© Issey Miyake 2022

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