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Near-Perfect Synchronization

March 24, 2020



“This piece is a depiction of a scene that I have in my mind, where a couple are walking on some extreme land, like of the north pole. This couple wouldn’t even intend to look at each other. Although they are already so determined to be together, till the very last day of their lives. They just hold on their course, walking side by side. 

Icebergs are breaking off. Debris of broken satellites are flying above their heads, but they don’t react to anything.

Nothing can get in their way. They seem to be covered with complete calmness. They are together. 

They keep walking toward the edge of the pole.“

Koki Nakano


Concept & Music: Koki Nakano

Choreographer & Dancer: Amala Dianor

Director: Benjamin Seroussi

Production: Art Bridge

Label: Nø Førmat!

Supported by Grand Marble

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