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Port de bras

March 4, 2022

Premiered on Nowness


"Port de Bras is the classical ballet exercise for the elegant movement of the arms," says Nakano. "When I was composing the piece, I held an image of this movement being performed under the sea and each arm affecting the surroundings, leaving visible traces. The subtle movements of the melody (or the arms) incessantly generate some phenomenon in the space around."

Art Bridge (Quad group), the creative studio bringing together the worlds of art and cinema, chose The Foundation Carmignac because of a recent summer exhibition that tied in with the themes of Nakano’s upcoming second album, Oceanic Feeling.

"We were looking for an environment where we could explore our intimate bond with the ocean through music and dance,” says the creative director. “When entering Villa Carmignac, I discovered its glass ceiling enhanced by a basin of water. This strong architectural gesture offered a sublime setting for our project. I immediately had the feeling that this film would fit coherently into the history of this place dedicated to contemporary art.”


Concept and Music: Koki Nakano 

Album: Oceanic Feeling


Supported by CNC

Choreographer & Dancer: Mourad Bouayad

Director: Benjamin Seroussi

Artistic Direction: Benjamin Seroussi

Production: Art Bridge – Quad group


Creative Producer: Olivier Bassuet

Executive producers: Masanori Yamamoto / Laurent Bizot 

Line Producer: Anna Magri


Director of photography: Martin de Chabaneix 

1st Assistant Camera: Clément Champion

Architect Advisor: David Tajchman

Behind the Scenes: Nina Aboutajedyne

Post-Production: Fix Studio

Editing: Simon Birman

Color Grading: Alice Syrakvash


Special thanks to:

Fondation Carmignac Team 

Melting Pot Agency


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